Key Contact

Occupiers with multiple real estate holdings, those who own property in locations with re-zoning potential, and organisations with complex accounting practices, can often face challenges in dealing with real estate matters in a manner which both improves business productivity, and well as providing a sound financial outcome for the owners or shareholders.

Developing solutions in such circumstances can involve a plethora of professionals, including Town Planners, Accountants, Tax Specialists, Valuers, Lawyers, Management Consultants, and real estate professionals, to name a few, and can prove to be exceptionally time consuming.  When real estate is not your core business, this can be a distraction, and this is where Knight Frank can assist.

 Services include:

  • Portfolio audit
  • Highest and best use assessments, including re-zoning advice and management
  • Property valuation
  • Coordination of external professionals and consolidation of strategic advice under a single point of contact
  • A range of other services which are bespoke to each individual clients business needs.